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Toll Free: 1 866 995 0151
Including Milton, Halton, Georgetown and Acton
Guelph Office: 1 519 827 7738

Lesley is very professional and caring and my mother so enjoyed her time with her. Lesley is extremely knowledgeable about so many services to aid seniors and has a lot of compassion for their feelings and concerns.
Carol Zubal


Alzheimer's Society:  www.alzheimers.guelph.org

Canadian Medic Alert:  www.medicalert.ca

Drug Watch:  www.drugwatch.com

Diabetes Association:  www.canadiandiabetes.ca

Health Canada:  www.healthcanada.gc.ca

Mesothelioma Prognosis:  www.mesotheliomaprognosis.org

Ontario Society of Senior Citizens' Organizations:  www.ocsco.ca

Tardive Dyskinesia:  www.tardivedyskinesia.com/