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Elderly Care Guelph

Our Difference

I have worked with Lesley for just over a year. Her business has been a blessing to the clients she cares for. Everyone is extremely prompt, professional and compassionate. The service Senior Home Service provides is vital.
M.J. - Guelph

Over 6 years ago I was living in Kansas and on the last few trips home to visit my parents started noticing many changes in them and their home. They were not able to perform many of the day to day functions for themselves that we all take for granted. Their home was on the same downward spiral.

To make a long story short, while I was still visiting – by now flying in every 2 weeks, my mother ended up in hospital and subsequently remained there for the better part of a year. This left my dad, at that time 89 years young in the mid stages of Alzheimer’s; at home and the desperate search began for a homecare provider.

Fast forward a year, mom, now approaching 88 years old and dad, who was 92, had both been home for the best part of 4 years, living together the way they wanted; with each other, in their own home. They celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary together.

My mom suffered from diabetes, total organ failure and at that time very limited mobility. Her spirits were ever high and grateful to be home. My dad although suffering from Alzheimer’s; if I remember anything is that there were moments he became very clear minded; at times my “ old dad” was still there. The smile he would always give me was well worth any sacrifice I had to make.

Dad stayed with us at home up until a couple of weeks before he passed as he needed care I could not give him, in March 2011. Mom passed away in the Spring of 2013, from heart complications.

Being able to spend that last few years with my mom and dad, caring for them; going through life stages is something I consider myself very lucky to have experienced. It was this time in their lives that brought me to my new life, my new beginning; the inception of my Company, Senior Home Service.